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Wall Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are used to mount a television on a wall or ceiling. This can save space and enhance viewing. There are a variety of TV mounting options. It is important to work with a TV specialist to pick the correct mounting bracket for your space and your TV. A TV specialist can help you determine which brackets are compatible with your TV.

Here are some of the many available mounting brackets.

Low Profile – Also called a fixed or stationary mount it is designed to hold TV flat against the wall. Placement cannot be adjusted once mounted. It may not be compatible with flat panel TVs that have a rear protrusion.

Tilting – Similar to fixed mounts but allow for downward tilting movement. Enhances viewing of television mounted high up on wall and angle can be adjusted after mounting and locked securely in place.

Ultra Thin – Also referred to as a slim mount it allows the television to sit closer to wall than other mounts. It is available in stationary or tilting styles.

Articulating – Also known as a cantilever mount the TV is mounted on retractable arm attached to wall bracket. It allows for wide range of motion and TV can be pulled away from wall and swiveled to left or right. It is ideal for rooms with multiple viewing locations.

Swivel – Similar to low-profile mount, but allows for horizontal movement. Less range of motion than an articulating mount with extendable support arm and some models also offer tilting capabilities.

Ceiling – Attaches to ceiling rather than wall and is used when wall-mounting is awkward or impossible. Can also be used to mount movie projectors.

Platform – Designed for older CRT models rather than flat-screen TVs. Television sits on a shelf supported by an arm attached to a wall or ceiling.

Under Cabinet – Space-saving mount for under-cabinet placement and often used in kitchens and cubicles. Display can be flipped down for viewing or folded up and hidden away. Better-suited to small screen sizes.

LED, LCD, Plasma: What is the difference?

There are many types of televisions. This is can make it difficult for an average buyer to pick the television that best fits his or her needs. Below are the descriptions or the most common forms of televisions (LED, LCD and plasma) and the pros and cons of each.


LED Screen TV
The LED screen is a relatively new technology when it comes to television, and it is fast becoming a popular thing to have. LED screens work by emitting light as opposed to reflecting it. The result of this is a much brighter image than what you would get with a standard screen. Another plus point of the LED screen is the fact that it responds incredibly quickly, especially when being switched on and off. As you can see, there are a lot of things that make the LED screen a popular choice when it comes to televisions.

Improved Viewing Angle
Improved Black Levels
Better Brightness
Better Color Consistency
Longer Lifespan
No Burn-in
Uses more energy than LCD
Can be Less Wall Mount Friendly
More Expensive than LCD
LCD Screen TV
The LCD screen is very different from the LED, yet still a popular choice. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Diode; the technology behind the screen. The LCD technology works by blocking light, which gives a higher quality image. However, the problem with the LCD screen is that it is slower to respond than the LED screen. This means that when there is a break in the electrical current such as when you switch the TV off, the image becomes blurred for a brief period of time.

Extremely High Resolutions
Excellent Color
Great Picture
Energy Efficiency
No Burn-in
Poor Reproduction of Blacks
Limited Viewing Angle
Limited Brightness
Plasma Screen TV
The plasma screen seems to be a very popular choice these days. A plasma screen is layered with millions of cells that are coloured with red, blue and green. It emits ultraviolet light when the built in computer chip tells it to. The image produced is usually of a very high quality. However, some people still prefer the older models of televisions.

Excellent Contrast and Black Levels
Effortless Motion
Uniform Illumination
Good Picture Depth
Less Expensive Than LCD and LED at Similar Size
Limited Screen Sizes
Low Brightness
Not as Energy Efficient
Heavier and Thicker
Can Overheat

TV Repair Shop in Toronto

tv repair

Finding TV Repair Shop in Toronto

We all love to watch TV in spare time and relax, but what if our TV stops working suddenly. First thing which comes in our mind is to check that is our Television still under warranty period. If we realize that our TV warranty has finished we can think of either replacing the TV set with the new one or repairing the Television by a TV repair company or TV repairman in Toronto.

How to Find TV Repair in Toronto

 Well let’s be practical, it is not possible for everybody to replace the TV with a new one but what suits all is repairing your Television. Most of the people think either it is too costly to get their TV repaired or they do not get quality service but you will be surprised that you can find some profession Tv repair companies in Toronto. If your TV needs to be fixed, either you can ask from your close one’s  or you can search on the internet by typing TV repair Toronto or TV repair companies Toronto.

 What to See While Choosing TV Repair Company in Toronto

You have decided you want to get your TV repair and you have found bunch of TV repair companies through search engine, now is the time to choose the best TV Repair company in Toronto which suits you the most. Most of the people look into just the price to finalize a TV repair company but following are the things, which you should look into while choosing a TV repair company.

Years of experience – It is important to determine from how long the company has been into TV repair business. You can check this from their testimonial page. You do not want somebody new trying to repair your Television.

Warranty – Sometime you will see that you are getting a very good price for TV repair, but this is of no use until and unless you have a peace of mind that your TV is properly fixed and will not cause any problem in the future. Look into TV repair companies, which provide warranty on the parts replaced while repairing your TV.

House Calls – It is always better to find a local Toronto TV repair shop but you will always prefer somebody to come to your home and fix the Television. So look for companies who provide house calls.

Price – Though price is not only determinant while choosing a TV repair company in Toronto but it is always good to compare the cost of repairing the TV and buying a TV. Look for companies who offer flat price rather than getting a surprise at the time of paying the bill.

We are one of the oldest TV repair company in Toronto, which has been serving the community for over 20 years with 100% customer satisfaction. TV repair company gives 90 days part and labour warranty and offers competitive price in Toronto area.  More importantly they will come to repair your TV and if it cannot be repaired their professional certified engineer will tell you right away. So give TV repair company a call to get your TV repaired from a professional company.